Sara early in the morning (black and white)…

Sara bw, originally uploaded by Tor-Ivar.

Working on my Photoshop-skills… tried out a new tutorial for smoothing out skin on people… still not getting it perfect, but managed to get a pretty decent frame out of this one… Check out this tutorial if interested.

Using masks and blur-filters in Photoshop for smoothing skin on selected areas… I guess some more practice is needed. In addition, I created a slightly over-exposed look (so it’s on purpose 🙂 the original was decent exposed, I think)…

Captured with natural light one early morning, using my 450D and my 50mm f1.8 (yes, I really like this lens for portraits :-))


~ by Tor-Ivar on November 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sara early in the morning (black and white)…”

  1. I’ll admit it – I know NOTHING about photography … my camera always stays locked and loaded on the “AUTO” function so everything is automatically taken care of for me.

    But I do know what I like … and I love black and white photography!

    Love this photo! Innocent beauty at its finest!

  2. Have you tried the new Lightroom 2? the smooth skin brush is just plain awesome, easy to use, no hassle.

    Thanks for linking BTW.

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