The moon surrounded by light flare from the skies

I had scheduled a trip to Stavanger some time in October (which means I have to get up at about 05.00 a.m, in order to catch my early flight), and woke (for some strange reason :-D) up hours before I actually had to get up… there was a pretty clear sky, and the moon was just beautiful. So instead of getting  back to sleep, I put up my tripod, and tried to get some nice captures of the moon… (ok… I am strange… at least I am willing to offer some sleep for some nice moon-shots :-))

I was using my 70-200L f4 lens when trying to capture the moon (200mm (equivalent to 323mm on my 450D with 1.6 crop-factor) is actually a bit too little when it comes to focal lenghts for capturing the moon… I guess I have to get hold of a teleconverter or a lens with larger zoom…

Anyway… These skies weren’t visible when looking at the moon when I took this shot, but my camera captured these flaring skies, and it turned out a little interesting, I think 🙂 I like the light and the colors…


~ by Tor-Ivar on November 2, 2008.

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