Swirls on Manhattan

Swirls on Manhattan, originally uploaded by Tor-Ivar.

On my last trip to New York I spent Saturday morning strolling around Times Square, walking up to Central Park… the weather was a bit foggy, so the planned trip up in Rockefeller Center didn’t happen… no view from the top floor… so it was time for some creative moments on 5th Avenue 🙂

Kind of typical shot with long shutter (actually used a polarisation filter for a density-filter effect, allowing long shutter without overexposing… at least I gained some stops in the exposure…)

The funny thing was that the swirls werent visible until I saw them captured in the image… so the rotation of water turned out to give a lovely effect 🙂

I also like the car in the background… And… it doesn’t show… but a bus drove through the picture from right to left… do you spot it? 🙂

~ by Tor-Ivar on November 26, 2008.

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